South Africa Trip 2004

This is a very old post from my first website and the reason why I started making web pages in the first place.  I wanted to share my experiences and my photographs with my friends and especially with the new friends I made on my trip.  The original text has been re-written several times over the years as I have spruced up the site or, like in this case, when I have moved to a different service provider.

It all started when I was bored with Nottingham and my dull run-of the mill 9-5 job and I started thinking escapist thoughts about exotic holidays.  I had been working not very well paid jobs for a while after graduating and hadn’t really been able to afford to go on holiday for quite a few years.  I looked all over the place at France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Kenya etc.  I looked into solo backpacking holidays and group trips with friends.  I had a particular interest in South Africa as my friend Helen was currently there studying meerkats in the Kalahari desert and her parents lived in Johnannesburg.  It was much further and much more expensive than anything else I’d considered so it was really only a daydream to start with.  But as there seemed to be little interest in an organised group holiday and as my need to get away from dull rainy Nottingham (I think it was dull and rainy that year, it is hard to remember) it became more tangible.

Eventually, after a lot of input from Helen and her parents (I really couldn’t have done it without them and I owe them a lot for one of the best experiences of my life) I finalised plans to fly out to Johannesburg, spend 2 and a half weeks in South Africa and then fly home with Helen as she returned to England for her holiday.

Briefly, my itinerary was as follows:

Leave Heathrow on Friday night and land at Johannesburg at 9am on Saturday morning
Spend Saturday and Sunday with Helen’s parents (who I had never met at this point)
Monday – Sunday a backpacking type tour of Kruger Park and the Drakensberg mountains ending in Durban
Tuesday – Thursday spent alone in Cape Town
Friday & Saturday in the Kalahari with Helen and her dad (and the meerkats of course!)
Sunday – Tuesday in the Pilanesburg park with Helen and her family
The remainder spent in Johannesburg with Helen and her parents before heading home

I had some amazing experiences for which I am indebted to the people I spent time with and saw some beautiful scenery and wildlife.  There are many photos and reminiscences on the pages that follow.  I hope that you enjoy them half as much as I did.

Below are links to the posts I have made about this trip:


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