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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 4


We were up at 6.30 to break fast and break camp and then headed off towards Kruger Park via the Berlin Falls.  At the falls there was much amusement over a sign in the middle of nowhere warning of “extreme danger”.  There was no other concession to this danger other than the sign.  We spent some time here exploring the area and found a path that lead from where we parked the bus (the viewpoint of the first picture below) to the head of the falls which can be seen in the first few pictures below.

From the falls we headed to “God’s Window” but the weather was so cloudy nothing could be seen.  Then on to Graskop where you can do a gorge swing.  Most of us were content to look at the scenery but 2 guys on our trip from Argentina, Huan and Guillermo had a go and liked it so much that they ran back up the gorge path so they could go again before we left!  The last picture above shows Huan about to go for the first time.

After lunch we finally entered Kruger Park and went for a drive to look at the wildlife before heading to Pretoriouskop camp for the night.

Again swimming at the campsite before dinner was very welcome end to a hot but rewarding day.

I was excited to find that we had pitched the tent under a sausage tree.  This produces fruit that look a lot like a complete salami but which in fact are poisonous and purgative for humans!  You can make beer from them though.  I later found out that it is not advisable to sleep under these trees as the fruits are heavy (5 – 10kg) and can fall on you in the night!


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