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St George’s Day pub crawl

Or Nottingham University Campus 14 in Honour of the return of Helen

Or Informative Tour of Campus Bars (because we are not allowed to call it the campus 14 anymore)

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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 17 to end of holiday

12/04/2004 Second full day in Pilanesberg park

Went for a pre-breakfast drive out to a hide from which we could see all sorts of different animals.  Then spent the rest of the day driving round the various roads of the park spotting animals.  Continue reading


South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 15


Up early today to take Helen back to Johannesburg.  Basically reversed the trip from yesterday except we did it all in one go, skipping the stop at the B&B.  And then after we got back to Johannesburg, we re-packed and headed straight off the the Pilanesberg nature reserve for my second safari of the trip.

We are staying for a few days in a nice little chalet that Helen’s parents have rented for all of us.  There is a kitchen/dining/living room and a master bedroom down stairs and upstairs there is an open area with 3 single beds, an area obviously intended for the children which is where Helen and I are sleeping.  Outside there is a braai area for our chalet and a communal area with benches and swings etc.

Today was spent mostly in the car with Andy doing an epic drive of some 800km so no pictures I’m afraid.  Some awesome ones over the next few days though!


South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 13


Today was spent mostly in Johannesburg preparing for the trip to the Kalahari this afternoon.  Andy is planning a braai for the Meerkat Project people when we arrive so we needed to do some shopping.  Spent the day with Di doing the shopping and getting my photos thus far developed and put on to CD while Andy was at work.  Went for a lovely lunch with Di and chatted about my experiences over the past 10 days.  Started the drive down to the Kalahari with Andy about 4pm and stopped in a middle of nowhere guest house run by Afrikaaners where we were made very welcome and had some really good food.  Really excited about finishing the trip and catching up with Helen tomorrow.