South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 7

02/04/2004 day 5 of the safari didn’t include any safari at all, it was a long drive from Swaziland to the Drakensberg mountains with a couple of stops on the way to buy food and have lunch.

We got up at 6.30, something of a lie in compared to recent days and only possible because we had no tents to pack up.  We then had a 7 hour drive.  We passed through many sites of Boer War battles, places with familiar names like Dundee, Glencoe, Nottingham Road and less familiar ones like Spoienkop.  We stopped at a couple of places to look at museums and memorials.  Since I was the only English person on the trip, our guides were apologetic about taking me to places where their ancestors had killed mine!

We finally arrived at our campsite at around 5.30.  My job for the evening was to make a fire stick for an evening performance.  I used a stolen broom handle and some mutton cloth, wire and staples I had acquired in a hardware store in Ladysmith.  The performance was well received and several people had a go but I didn’t get any pictures.  Then we went to the pub on the campsite where they have a tradition of people signing clothing and attaching it to the ceiling!

Tomorrow we go for a walk in the mountains.


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