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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 8

03/04/2004  Safari day 6 was the last day of the safari and was spent walking in the mountains.

We were up early as usual and after breakfast made a packed lunch to take up the mountain with us.  The walk was about 14km and took us about 6 hours.  The scenery was beautiful for the entire trip up.  Near to the “top” (we didn’t actually go near the top of the mountain, this is just the top of the walk we did) there was a river to wade across which was fun although I lost one of my socks which fell out of my shoe while I crossed.  On the other side we stopped to eat our lunch and then headed back down.

After dinner back at the campsite, we headed back to the pub we had been to yesterday.  We played a drinking game that involved bouncing a coin into a glass and making up new rules.  You had to drink every time you missed which was quite often!  Stayed up quite late drinking with the guides and driver, at least I could sleep on the bus on the way to Durban in the morning, they still had to work!  I donated my t-shirt with the picture of me and my firestick on the front and every one signed it and gave it to the bar to hang from their ceiling.  Hopefully it is still there, although it has been 7 years so maybe not.

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