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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 9

04/04/2004 the last official day of the safari trip but as this was only a transfer from the mountains to Durban on the coast, I count day 8  as the real end.

Left the Drakensberg mountains early and drove down to Durban where we arrived at 12.  Said goodbye to our guides Jeanne and Jeannie and our driver Errol and the other guys on the trip.  Discovered that I was staying in the same hotel as Mya, one of the girls from the trip (ended up in adjacent rooms and on the same bus to the airport in the morning as well, spooky).  Spent a lazy afternoon relaxing in the hotel and enjoying the fact that I had a bed and a proper shower and air conditioning for the first time in a week.  Had a stroll along the beach and dinner in the hotel restaurant.  This part of Durban seems ok if you like beaches and don’t mind crowds but there is very little here except hotels, restaurants and sands.  We had been warned that not far inland from the sea, the neighbourhood got a bit rough so we stayed near the hotels.  Had dinner in the hotel restaurant and then headed to bed to make sure I didn’t oversleep and miss the bus to the airport in the morning.

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