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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 12

07/04/2004 My last day in Cape Town

Had to check out after breakfast so got everything packed and then headed out to look around town for a bit before heading to the airport.

Went to see the Castle of Good Hope which is a fortress built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679.   It is the oldest building in Cape Town.  It was captured several times by the British and recaptured again by the Dutch.  There are a lot of interesting exhibits of old weapons and histories of the area etc and lots of walls and fortifications to explore with good views of the mountain and the city.  As usual when I have a plane to catch I was anxious and distracted and so just spent most of the day hanging around the fortress and watching the world go by.

Ended up getting to the airport very early (I am not used to internal flights and arrived as early as I would have to for an international one) and almost finished my book hanging around waiting for the plane.  Got back to Johannesburg at 8.30pm and was met again by Andy who took me back to his house.  Tomorrow we intend to drive down to the Kalahari to meet Helen but for now all I want to do is sleep!


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