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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 17 to end of holiday

12/04/2004 Second full day in Pilanesberg park

Went for a pre-breakfast drive out to a hide from which we could see all sorts of different animals.  Then spent the rest of the day driving round the various roads of the park spotting animals.  We had lunch back at the chalet and a crimson breasted shrike arrived which sent us running for cameras and chasing it round for a bit.  I got some good pictures and Di and Andy used one on their Christmas cards (at least on the one they sent to me!).  In the afternoon we took a long loop road out to some of the more distant parts of the park to see if any of the animals we had missed so far were hiding out there.  The scenery was lovely and the road climbed up to a high plateau from which there were good views of the park but be didn’t see anything that we hadn’t already seen earlier in the day.  Was still worth the drive though.

Spent the evening in another hide watching the animals and the sun go down and drinking G&T.  Had a lovely dinner with Helen and her parents in the evening.

This is essentially the end of the holiday as the next 2 days were spent in Johannesburg where I spent much of the time sleeping while Helen caught up with her parents.  In the evening of the second day back, we caught our plane from Johannesburg back to London, arriving early in the morning the following day.


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