Photography, Sport

British Grand Prix Silverstone Part 2

After scouting out the best places yesterday, we struggled with pitching our tents (and lamented the days when a tent consisted of a pole at each end with a sheet over the top and was triangular and much easier to put up) and settled down to a good night’s sleep. We woke early and headed into the circuit. Last night, Jacqui’s friend John had found me a pass to the inside of the circuit which meant that we could all get a fantastic view from the inside of Copse Corner.

The support races were again fantastic but I must admit I slept through some of it, partly due to not sleeping in the tent and partly because of the ridiculous heat. Anyway, all thoughts were on the Grand Prix. The pictures here are mainly of the red arrows who were on before the race and the classic cars that were on after because I was too excited to take pictures during the race. The video at the end is of all the cars parading past us early in the race.

Finally I have got round to adding the pictures from the second roll I shot on day 2. As promised above, they are mostly red arrows (the fences didn’t get in the way of the planes. Interestingly when I first got these I thought that they were all rubbish and that I would chuck most of them. However, I found that I have actually kept most of them.

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