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New Years Eve/Day 2004/2005

New Years Eve 2004 was spent in London. I was a little worried about the evening as it was the first time I had spent New Year in London. It turned out to be a really nice time. Despite being really busy, we managed to find a nice restaurant to eat in and managed to find a large number of bars/pubs to have a drink in where we neither had to pay nor queue for too long to reach the bar.

The highlight of the evening was the fireworks at the London Eye. Unfortunately, due to concerns about getting drunk and losing my new camera I left it in the hotel room therefore I would like to stress that the photos of the fireworks are not mine but were found using google’s image search after the fact.

The following day we went for a fry-up in Greenwich, hence the Brown Sauce, and then went to the National Maritime Museum to look at a display by Conrad Shawcross. The NMM does not allow you to take pictures so the picture of “Continuum” is not mine either but is taken from the NMM publicity material.

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