Gavin’s Stag do


We celebrated the end of Gavin’s freedom with a day of paintball, followed by an indian meal and much boozing. The events were spiced up a bit by the addition of a stag survival kit including the inflatable sheep featured in a number of these pictures. I was the best man so was kind of worried in case anything went wrong.

The paintball site was pretty small but turned out to be just right for the party we had brought so we didn’t have to mix our group with anyone else.  We played for half a day in the morning before moving on to a local pub for a few drinks.  We then headed into town to a hotel (Sarah had taken over the house for her hen do and we weren’t allowed near it until the next day) to change.  We collected a few stragglers who couldn’t make it to the paint ball and then headed off for dinner and drinks.  At some point the girls ended up in the same bar as us and then we went our separate ways which mainly involved us getting thrown out of the bar due to some of our party being too drunk and then stumbling back to the hotel for the night.

All these pictures are taken on little disposable 35mm cameras which I handed out at the beginning of the day and collected back at the end.

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