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New Year 2005/2006 – Fireworks

The display of fireworks over the Thames was as always spectacular. This year was even more fantastic than last year. I’m quite a fan of pyrotechnics of all kinds as most of you know but the crescendo of this particular display was quite intimidating. The photographs below really don’t do the event justice but do give you an idea.

We got to the eye reasonably early so we wouldn’t have to push for a good spot and watched the space fill up around us. The countdown was projected on the building behind us and the New Year was welcomed in with the traditional chimes and the popping of champagne corks (thanks to dad for his donation to our party!) and then the display began. We were so awestruck that we weren’t able to pour out the celebratory drinks until 15 minutes later. Then we hung around by the river for a while to let the majority of the crowd get away before heading for the bar of our choice.

Thus began the big adventure of the evening. Several of the bridges across the Thames had been closed down so we had to take quite a detour to get across the river where the bar we intended to spend the rest of the evening in was to be found. Of course we were then too far east and had to work our way back. Helen guided us brilliantly towards the pub until we found that the police had funneled us all down into the underground. From the subway leading down to the station, we were able to see the back door of the pub but the police would not let us through their lines to get to it! So we had to take the tube down to the next station, get out and walk back just to get to the place we had just been at!


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