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New Year 2005/2006 – drinking

Having gone on a mammoth trek to get to the pub we were finally there and all we had to do now was get in (a process which involved negotiating the entry price with the bouncers and Jonny getting asked to remove his hat so that they could tell whether he was under age) and get down to the drinking. The pub was actually not very busy and by the time we had all ordered drinks, we had found a table with enough seats for most of us. The rest of the evening was good fun even if I can’t remember parts of it, for example how we got from the pub to the tube station. I do remember what happened on the train home but we’ll come to that later.

All of a sudden it was chucking out time and a very scary woman came round without warning to tell us that it was tough luck if we had not had the presence of mind to drink up already and that we should just get out. She was so scary that Helen missed the table whilst trying to put her drink down and run away!

Then suddenly we were on the train to Clapham Junction (I don’t remember the walk back to the train station but apparently I was very embarrassing) with all the other weirdoes who had been out getting drunk to celebrate the new year. The journey home was spent singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” at the guy who was dressed as a boxer (he’s the one with the bath robe on and who is mates with Batman) and phoning Lance (check out how excited Katherine looks at the prospect of actually speaking to him). Oh, and of course getting off at the wrong station and leaving Katherine behind and then waiting at Clapham Junction station for her to catch us up.

Having reached home after slight mishaps, all that remained was for someone to come up with the crackpot idea that it would be nice to see the first sunrise of 2006. Having looked up the official sunrise time of 8.06, we (well some of us anyway) set our alarms and went to bed at approximately 4.30. We woke in a somewhat dazed state and stumbled down stairs and out to Clapham Common to greet the sun. Unfortunately the day was somewhat overcast and no sun was in evidence so instead of the hoped for shots of wonderful salmon pink skies and the dramatic sun rising over the common, all I can give you is the picture of us below. The sun did not in fact show any evidence of itself all day, our New Year adventure had finished, or perhaps just begun depending on how you look at it.

Happy New year to everyone and special thanks to everyone who came with us on the day, it wouldn’t have been the same without any of you.


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