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Rocky Horror Show Wimbledon 20/05/2006

I have been a fan of Rocky Horror (both the movie and the stage show) since I saw a student production at university. So when Kat suggested that we go to a performance at the New Wimbledon Theatre and take along some virgins, I jumped at the chance. I was a little worried as I was going to be the only man (and therefore the only sweet transvestite) in the group and if some of the others had not ben before they might be a little shocked. However, in the end everyone was really cool and made great efforts at dressing up. A great time was had by all. These pictures show us getting ready and while we are out just to prove that we did it.

Helen putting some pink streaks into Kat’s hair.

Liz tries to decide whether to go with fishnets on the arms or legs.  We hope she goes with both.

Mostly dressed, we have a few drinks to convince ourselves it is really a good idea to go outside like this.

Leaving the house and braving the outside world.

Looking almost normal from behind!

Made it to the train.  Now only the tube ride and then the walk to the theatre to get past.

Group shot in the theatre. We made it!

In the pub afterwards.  It was very busy, there was some kind of European singing competition going on.

Catching the train home.

Relaxing at home after a hard day.


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