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Croyde Holiday 2006 John’s Photos


This page has all the photographs taken of the Croyde holiday by John. These pictures fill in a number of gaps in my calalogue of pictures and unfortunately a number of them actually have me in them!


Fire on the beach at the end of John’s first day




Lets go fly a kite.

There are quite a few of these but I think some of the kite flying ones give quite a good impression of how it was going if you view them one after another.


Walking to Woolacombe.


Last day in Croyde

Right, here come the surfing pics. These are Lance and Helen catching some waves and falling off into the sea. If you are not interested in surfing (or if you are not Lance or Helen) you might want to scroll down a bit.

Phew, that was a marathon! John must have got his feet wet taking these!

And the sun goes down on the week…

And of course, it ends in fire


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