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New Year 2006 T-Shirts

Print, iron, peal, repeat. (and don’t forget to invert!)

Having decided to go to Amsterdam to celebrate New Year as a group, certain people decided that it would be a good idea to have themed t-shirts for all of us to wear. There were several of us involved to certain extents but I maintain that the weight of the blame rests with Helen 😉

So after much discussion it was decided that we should each pick a cartoon character for ourselves and for the people who were not in on the idea who we had volunteered to choose for. We then designed/chose a large image for the rear of the shirt and a small image for the front. I also designed a logo for each sleeve incorporating the Dutch for Happy New Year (Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar) with Amsterdam 2007. Amazingly, the font I chose to print this in turned up on several official signs in Amsterdam.

Helen and I got together on December the 23rd to make the t-shirts and the photos below tell a bit of the story of the hours that it took us to create them.

The first 2 pictures show the transfer paper we used to get the pictures on the shirts. We had to keep reminding ourselves to print mirror images of the picture we wanted. We forgot on a couple but they were ones without text in them so we were ok. If you look very carefully at Lisa’s Penelope Pitstop shirt, you will see that the number on the car is printed backwards!

The instructions on the transfer paper said to iron the reverse until 80% of the iron symbols on the back had turned orange. We did not really understand what this meant and any meaningful attempt to follow this advice was not practically possible so we just made it up as we went along. Miraculously, we did not destroy any of the t-shirts during the process.

Who got what and why

The official (made up) reasonings

In no particular order:

Lisa – Penelope Pitstop
No real reason but I liked the official description of Penelope as an accomplished woman who is more than capable of looking after herself and overcoming any challenge as long as there isn’t a man around to rescue her in which case she is capable only of shouting her trademark “hey-a-lp”. Please note that this does not represent my opinion of Lisa in any way 😉

Jonny – Thundercats
2 reasons, 1 Thundercats are cool! 2 Wileykit and Wileykat are mischievous little buggers who get around on roller skates. Oh, and their wild hairstyles reminded us of Jonny boy when he was more well endowed. Check out the out takes they are so much funnier than any of the jokes that had all of the ‘cats rolling around at the end of each episode!

Dave – Magic Roundabout
Well, for Dave we were going to get Rosie and Jim because he lives on a boat (we are about as imaginative as the Dutch are at naming things) but there was an unexplainable dearth of images on the net. So we settled for Magic Roundabout mainly because it is older than the rest of the toons here and Dave is a little older than the rest of us (sorry Dave)!

Off topic, I found out something I didn’t know about Swindon while I was searching for Magic Roundabout pictures.

Josie – Bill and Ben
Chosen by Kat so you’d have to ask her for the real reason but I don’t think that you can overlook the coincidence between a trip to Amsterdam and the name of the flowerpot duo’s best friend weeeeeed!

Katie – Stop, Look. Listen, Live
Katie, in her official role as Katie “Safety” Reeves was rewarded for her diligence in making sure that people have not been killed or seriously injured by their stupid behaviour on previous trips with this t-shirt reminding all who saw her of the correct way to cross a road. Very useful for Amsterdam where the traffic is homicidal. Unfortunately it fails to mention the little known last point of the Amsterdam specific green cross code that states that no matter what you do, you will still get knocked into a canal by a bicycle.

For the record, I was reminded recently that while on holiday in Croyde, it was Katie who pointed out that putting something on fire into a can of paraffin would set the paraffin on fire. It was indeed I (who should have the upper hand in fire experience) who scoffed at this idea. And it was indeed said paraffin that caught on fire, necessitating that the whole pot be tipped up onto the sand to put the fire out!

Bonnie – Captain Planet
Captain planet, he’s our hero! And so too is Bonnie who succumbed to illness just hours before the trip and so could not join us. Personally I believe that this was just a cunning ruse to avoid having to hang around Amsterdam with a bunch of idiots wearing themed t-shirts. As for the reason, Captain Planet wanted to save the planet and Bonnie has a thing for skintight blue spandex, it’s as simple as that.

Kat – Dogtanian
You can tell that this one was designed by the person who was going to wear it, very cool character complementing the wearer and nothing bad you can say based on it. We were so tempted to design something else and not tell her until we had got to Amsterdam. However, the fact that she really does know how to use those swords pictured on the front put us off from incurring her wrath.

Helen – Hammy
He’s a crazy rabid squirrel who will stop at nothing to get to his cookies, what more do I need to say?

Me– Ranma 1/2
Well, I was stuck with the dilemma of what to choose for myself. I could have gone with something really cool, Optimus Prime perhaps or (appealing more to the geeks) even Ultra Magnus. After much deliberation I decided to go for this Japanese animation about a martial arts expert who is cursed to change into a girl whenever he gets wet. Strong and confident yet also potentially sensitive and feminine…a sure hit with the ladies?

Anyway, those are the reasons I just invented for the assignments of characters to people, if you hear anything else I demand that you oppose the lies in the traditional Finnish manner – by striking them (vewy woughly if you like) with a herring.

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible:

  • Original concept – Helen, Kat and Bonnie
  • Resources – Kat (t-shirts), Me (paper), My brothers Ben and John (computer equipment and printing facilities), My mum (ironing equipment and refreshments)
  • Design – Helen, Kat, me
  • Technical advice and assistance – John
  • Ironing above and beyond the call of duty – Helen
  • All the fools who were mad enough to wear the finished products – Katie, Josie, Lisa, Dave, Jonny – we love you all.

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