New Year 2006/2007 Day 2

Day 2 Saturday 30/12/06

Today we visited the Anne Frank house which was very interesting, giving an insight into how it must have been to live. It was a little odd that the place was so completely empty which gave a somewhat false impression that there was actually plenty of room but with the furniture and possessions and the several families that were contained within such a small space it really would have been cramped. There was a very interesting temporary exhibition on the way out which encouraged the audience to vote on whether certain things at the various extremes of freedom of speech (or the restriction thereof) were acceptable. This was quite a welcome distraction from the unpleasantness described in the rest of the museum.

After lunch we went on a boat trip round the canals with a guy who was recommended by your guide from the previous day. He had a wonderfully disreputable looking little fiberglass dingy which he drove us around in. He dropped us off at Leidseplein so that we could go to the theatre there to watch the Boom Chicago comedy group. Apparently somewhere on their web site there are pictures of us but I have not been able to find them yet.

Unaccountably I did not take any photographs on this day.


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