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New Year 2006/2007 – Day 4

Day 4 01/01/07 – New Year’s day

Our last day was spent wandering around looking at the aftermath and going for a nice walk in the Vondelpark.

The stage at Dam Square. I never got anywhere this close last night.

We passed these trees on our boat trip on the second day. Apparently they were designed by school children as part of a national competition. The winning designs were then interpreted and made by artists. I particularly like the one made of plywood, it reminds me of the little wooden dinosaur skeletons I had as a child.

Here we are back at the Night watch statues again. Unfortunately I could not avoid being in the pictures myself this time.

Vondelpark. The children playing in the sandpit.

Kat borrowed my camera to take pictures of the local wildlife. We had seen several herons on our travels over the last few days.

Kat in a big shoe. And looking very pleased for herself I must say. Not sure about the 2 dodgy blokes in the background though.

The train back to the airport.


And so ends the trip to Amsterdam and the year with it. Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a lovely trip and to everyone who helped to organise, especially Helen and Lisa for making it happen. I hope that you all want to come on the return trip later in the year when the tulips are out.


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