Cake, Drunkenness, General, Photography

Jim & Katrin’s Housewarming

Jim has moved to Nottingham and Katrin has actually left her home county to come and join him.  So naturally they wanted to have a party to celebrate. Katrin was also foolish enough to show interest in my pyromaniac hobbies and said I could bring my fire staff with me. So since these are my pictures, unfortunately there is not much of the actual party but loads of the messing about with fire. I really must practice taking pictures of people when they don’t have flaming sticks in their hands. You’ll just have to take my word for it that the party was excellent with great food, loads of drink and a smattering of silly games. I must thank Jim and Katrin for being excellent hosts and especially for indulging my odd habits and for allowing me to stay on well after the party had technically finished.


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