Annesley Exploration

Going where many people have gone before

I have always had a fascination with industrial architecture, especially when it has reached or is approaching the end of its life. So when an opportunity arose to accompany a group of friends to do some urban exploration in the remains of Annesley Colliery, I jumped at the chance. I’d never heard of urban exploration before being invited on this trip and so didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for. What I got was an excellent and exciting morning and the opportunity to explore and photograph a site that may not be around for much longer.

I’m not going to spend much time going on about the history of this site as I am not at all knowledgeable and you can find much more detail on several other sites. If you check out these sites, you will also see that I have not been particularly imaginative in composing my shots, so please take a look at my pictures first(!)

Anyway, on to the photographs. I took a whole bunch of pictures on this trip, some on film and some on digital. Perversely, due to the poor quality of the transfer to digital done by Jessops, the compact digital pictures here are of slightly higher quality than the ones taken with my 35mm SLR. See if you can guess which are which (I’ll tell you for free that the black and white ones are all film, not me poncing about in photoshop).


We started off in the block containing the pit head baths and canteen, after a quick scramble down a pile of mud in the doorway, we were immediately confronted by a massive electrical cabinet that apparently wasn’t there previously.

Drunkenness, Fire, Photography

NAMSOC Barbecue

The NAMSOC barbecue and bonfire event got all official this time round with tickets and highly organised catering and everything. Oh, and an absolutely stupendous amount of fire wood. The weather wasn’t quite as stunning as last time but this still promised to be one hell of an evening. I brought along my fire sticks of course but they were totally eclipsed by the massive fire and the fire breathing. Got home stinking of smoke and paraffin and much happier for it. Continue reading