Drunkenness, Fire, Photography

NAMSOC Barbecue

The NAMSOC barbecue and bonfire event got all official this time round with tickets and highly organised catering and everything. Oh, and an absolutely stupendous amount of fire wood. The weather wasn’t quite as stunning as last time but this still promised to be one hell of an evening. I brought along my fire sticks of course but they were totally eclipsed by the massive fire and the fire breathing. Got home stinking of smoke and paraffin and much happier for it.

The starting point. Note the equally huge piles of firewood at the edges and behind the main pile. There’s more behind me too!

Arriving on the cross river ferry. Someone told the passengers how much Captain Fire had been drinking which is why they all look very pleased to be here. This crossing also brought large amounts of food to supplement the already well stocked larder.

Fire starters

All we need now is a guitar.

Jonny contemplates the meaning of fire.

There was some fire-breathing as is traditional.

Someone with my glow stick, might even be me! More likely to be Jonny though, he was a natural

Meanwhile, back at the food table…


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