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Croyde Holiday 2007 – Day 1


Less than a year after the previous group outing to Croyde, we returned with an even larger group consisting of the original group plus Kat and Anne. Also Katie and Harry who only stayed for a few days the first time round committed to the whole week this time round.

I forgot to take my diary with me on this trip so the following description of events was pulled from my sieve like brain a few weeks afterwards, assisted by the date stamps on my photos so I apologise to anyone who remembers things differently.

Again we booked with Marsdens Cottage Holidays and this time went for the magnificent looking Marigold Cottage which sleeps 10.

Day 1 Saturday 09/06/07

Having packed my little car with ridiculous amounts of stuff and strapped two surf boards on the roof, we were ready to go. Stopped to pick up food in Barnstaple and met up with Katie, Kat, Anne, Alan and John. Filled the cars up with even more stuff, amazed that it all fit in! Arrived at the house at about 3pm and discovered that there is a tree house in the drive. Katie, who was following me up the drive, must have wondered what the hell was going on when Helen and I leapt from the car without even turning the engine off and raced up the tree!

Spent a while checking out the house and deciding who gets to sleep where. Awaiting the arrival of Lance and Lizzie who had to come on the train/bus. The house was well supplied with toys, we spent a long time playing the giant Jenga on the deck.

Once Lance and Lizzie were able to join us we headed down to the beach for the traditional first day swim. The water was very cold indeed but disappointingly Alan did not join us. After dinner we headed back to the beach to watch the sun go down and play with some fire.


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