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Croyde holiday 2007 – Day 4

Day 4 Tuesday 12/06/07

Started with a walk up the hills towards Saunton and then back round behind the house and down into Croyde.  This is a nice walk as it is not as exposed and bleak as the walk out to Baggy Point on the other side of town.  There are nice shaded paths and large fields.  John and I stopped to fly his kite in one of the fields part way up the hills and lost the others. The walk back down to Croyde was very steep and not very well signed so we ended up scrambling down some steep fields which we probably weren’t supposed to be in but that was where the sign pointed us.

Later on in the day we played some volleyball on the beach.

This being the last day for Anne and Kat, we had a fire on the beach and put on a spectacular display with the fire and glow sticks. So good in fact that it attracted a couple of blokes all the way from Bristol(!) Unfortunately, since I was doing a lot of the fire stuff, I didn’t get many pictures. John got some really nice ones though. After the fire John, Kat and I camped out on the beach. Oddly no one else wanted to join us.

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