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Innocent Village Fete 2007, Small village fete London-style

When Kat invited me to come along to a village fete in Regents Park in London I thought she had gone potty (alright perhaps not gone). When I checked out the list of events on the official website I was convinced the organisers were potty. How could I possibly resist an event where one of the listed activities was duck licking and where the terms and conditions encourage the selling of knitted dog mittens whilst strictly forbidding the sale of anything else on the site.

So enamoured were we with the idea that we booked tickets for both Saturday and Sunday. The following pictures give a somewhat sane impression of the event but do fail to take in the man dressed as wurzel gummage, the trio of blokes in straw boaters who came round thanking us for coming and enquiring whether we had had a spiffing time and the wellie throing competition!

We arrived just in time on Saturday for a display of the ancient art of goose herding.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were:

  • Ferret racing! The guy with the ferrets was really cool and explained a lot about them and what they were used for before they were pets. He was also really funny when describing the personalities of each individual ferret. Unfortunately, in the first race one of the kids whose job it was to release the ferrets into the tubes did not release his and the group of Scottish lads who were betting on Ratso lost their money!
  • The inside of the big top type tent that houses the “village hall” where there are live bands. Confusingly, the outside doesn’t look anything like the inside!
  • Maypole dancing. Led by the most pathological cheerful woman I have ever seen. If I were ever that chirpy I’d die!
  • Dog agility displays from Mad About Mutts on both days but I only got a change to take decent pictures on Saturday. It’s a good thing really otherwise there would be even more pictures here.
  • Kitch in Sync, possibly the world’s only acapella group that sings 80s hits exclusively!
  • and of course free smoothies everywhere!

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