Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2007 – Day 2

Day 2
Friday 10/08/07
Attempts to get up early were thwarted by the fact that we had been sitting in the sun drinking all day on Thursday and didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Still we had time to grab a fry up and head in for a good space before the midday start.

Didn’t take many pictures on Friday but got a couple of good videos. Unfortunately they are huge and I haven’t worked out a way of compressing them yet.

The line up started with Hummingbird a group of three girls who put on some really nice music and did a good job of chatting up the crowd which is really important for a first act. At one point one of them remarked “I’m pregnant and I can’t be arsed to sing anymore!” so the crowd obliged by singing for her! Here is the only picture I took of them:

Hummingbird were followed by Mad Agnes, a group of Americans who sing in a distinctive American style. Their style and humour took a little bit of getting used to but they were good fun. Apparently the bloke had never been to England before! No pics I’m afraid.

Next up were the Demon Barber Roadshow. Accompanied by the famous Hannah James of Kerfuffle once again clog dancing with a bunch of friends this time. There were also a number of other dancers and performers including a pair morris dancers who had a kind of dance off with each one imitating the other and another group who danced with swords. I have video of the sword dancers and will post it if I ever work out how to make it take up a less obscene amount of space. Unfortunately the video of the morris dancers was so poor I had to delete it! There is plenty of footage of the clog dancers though.


A generic crowd shot

After the Demon Barbers we had Last Orders who were winners of this year’s BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Musician of the Year Award. They were technically excellent and played some blinding music, especially the guy on the melodeon and the girl who joined them for a couple of songs in the middle of the set had a wonderfully clean and clear voice producing some really moving music.

The music went very much more up-tempo with the next act with Viva Santana, a Santana (so much more than) tribute band. These guys were excellent, I don’t believe you would have been able to tell the difference between them and an actual Santana gig. I was somewhat confused when about halfway through the set, in the middle of all this Latin American music, one of the band started talking to the crowd in a london accent! Excellent music, a welcome break from all that folk and energetic enough to get us stirred up for the headliners.

I had really been looking forward to Show of Hands who followed Viva Santana. They were the only band on the lineup who I’d listened to before I bought tickets to Cropredy. And that includes Fairport Convention! They did not disappoint at all and had us all on our feet and singing along.

A reformed 1969 lineup of Fairport Convention (with Chris While standing in for Sandy Denny) to perform Liege and Leif which has apparently been voted the most influential folk album of all time. I’m not familiar with this album (its a bit before my time!) but really enjoyed the performance. Every band so far had been called back for an encore (or three) but Fairport explained that they were here to perform the album and although they would like to do encores felt this would not be in the spirit of the thing. So they didn’t.


Richard Thompson had just played an hour long set with Fairport Convention 1969 but didn’t show any signs of this when he came back on with his own band immediately after and played an hour and a half long set of his own.

So endeth day 2.


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