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Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2007 – The Aftermath

The plan for Sunday was to get up early so Dave and I could drive back to his mooring and leave my car there, this would mean that when we got there I could drive everyone back to Cropredy to pick up their vehicles and go home. Sounds complicated but trust me it was the only way we could do it. We eventually got back to the boat and were underway about 12 (so much for getting up early). We had to head the wrong way for a while to find a place to turn the boat around. When we got there, there were several boats already there and we had to wait for an opportunity to turn. This was to become  a feature of the day with queues at most locks, turning points and water stations.

These are just some pretty pictures of us on the boat and the views, probably don’t need much in the way of explanation.

We stopped for a drink in Banbury and Helen left us to catch the train back to London. After Banbury, the canal was much quieter and we made better progress. I left John and Dave to take the boat through the last couple of locks while I made some dinner. By the time we got tied up back at Aynho it was 9pm so it was good to be able to eat and leave.

After dinner all we had to do was drive back to Cropredy to take John back to his bike which looked quite alone in the large and now mostly empty camping field and Dave back to his car. So in the field where the weekend had began, we all finally went our separate ways and returned home.


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