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Jim’s Pirate Birthday Party

Jim decided to celebrate his twenty-*****th birthday with a pirate extravaganza.

Another exciting theme for a fancy dress birthday party.  This one provided me with the excuse (as if I needed one) to purchase a replica flintlock pistol and a cutlass.  I created some print out tattoos which were extremely hard to apply to myself (you have to soak them in water and then pick them up with tweezers and apply them, since they went on my arms I had to do it one handed too!).  I went round to pick up Lance and Lizzie on the way and we compared costumes.

The party itself had lots of pirate themed decorations, foods and games.  We played pin the treasure on the pirate map and pirate pass the parcel (unfortunately there were no extra incentives for using swashbuckling to win the parcel!) Amazingly, I won the treasure map game and got an awesome pirate medallion. Later on there was the traditional circle of death and Katrin cut some people’s hair while drunk although I’m not sure why!

And that was it. At the end of the evening happy, tired and inebriated pirates made their way to their ships to sleep off the grog. Some of them hazily remembered something about having to get up the next morning to make some dinner.


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