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Nottingham Christmas meal 2007

This year we resurrected the tradition of home cooked Christmas meal in Nottingham. Unfortunately I am still not in a position to host this event myself so Lance and Lizzie provided the venue and Lizzie and I split the cooking between us. I provided 2 roast chickens and a roast ham, roast potatoes and cabbage as well as gravy. Lizzie produced quite astounding quantities of excellent vegetables as well as home made cranberry sauce, sausages, two types of stuffing, pudding and countless other trimmings – thank you Lizzie! I am also most grateful to Liz for helping me with my preparations and keeping me from going insane stuck in my kitchen on my own.

After a hearty meal, we all went out for a very muddy walk round a lake. It was already getting pretty damn cold and dark.

After the walk it was time for secret santa. Unfortunately I had not included Holly in the presents but that didn’t stop her from getting into all the unwrapping though!

After secret santa, most people headed home. Sarah, Gavin, Dave and I stayed to play N-tropy with Lance and Lizzie. After Sarah and Gavin left, Lizzie blended up some of the leftovers to make some soup then we played scrabble for a bit before finally accepting that we would have to do some tidying up and then go to bed.

All in all a very successful day.


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