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New Year 2007 Day 1

Having broken our tradition of spending the New Year in London by going to Amsterdam last year, someone suggested it would be fun to seen in 2008 in Croyde where we often go for our holidays. So we booked ourselves into 2 cottages at the Croyde Unison holiday site, a place where we had never stayed before, and started making plans. We headed down on Saturday 29/12 with our customary stop on the way to visit the wonders of Barnstaple retail park and arrived after dark.

Obviously the weather is slightly different in December to what we are used to in the summer, or even in September. We were greeted by the sound of crashing waves in the darkness and a fierce wind blowing off the sea. The temperature was below freezing, perfect for a proper English seaside holiday.

Naturally the first thing we did after unloading the car was to head off into the darkness of the dunes and try to make our way to the beach. Despite having been to Croyde several times before we were unfamiliar with this part of the coast and our first trip to the beach took in such delights as a locked gate (labeled “To the beach”), piles of rubble and 2 barbed wire fences! On reaching the top of the dunes, we discovered that the fierce wind down by the house had only been playing. The new, more serious wind also seemed to have picked up a large part of the beach and was attempting to insert most of it into our eyes.

We went for a nice walk along the pitch dark beach. Managed to avoid getting soaked either by the waves or by the stream which runs down to the sea across the beach and ended up almost back at the house by the time Dave arrived. Dave had set off some 5 hours after we had and appears to have only worked out where he was going half an hour or so after he left home so this is pretty bloody good going I think.

The rest of the evening was taken up by playing N-tropy and Fluxx.


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