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New Year 2007 – New Year’s Eve (part 1)

Monday 31/12/2007

New Years Eve. Today is a very exciting day but gets off to a slow start. Weather is miserable and wet so much of the morning is spent lazing around the house. Helen found out that the crazy golf course is still open so we took advantage of a break in the rain to make fools of ourselves. I’m afraid that there are rather a lot of pictures of this. I thought I’d whittled it down quite well but, having made this page and seen how huge it has got already, I’ve just trimmed out another 10 pictures

The rest of the afternoon was spend in much the same way as the morning only with much less whacking of balls and cursing. Basically we slobbed about until it was time to go and collect Grace from the station and go round to Alan and Katie’s place for dinner.

Go to the next page to check out how we actually saw in the New Year.


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