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New Year 2007 – New Year’s Eve (part 2)

Monday 31/12/2007 continued

Once Grace arrived we all went round to Alan and Katie’s for a lovely fondue dinner. When we were fully satisfied we set off down to the beach for some fire play. No pictures I’m afraid as I left my camera behind. I’d also left my staff in Nottingham but since John brought 2 and Helen had hers and there were also poi and diablo available, no one missed out. We played for an hour or so and then headed back to warm up and get ready for the big event of midnight fireworks on the beach.

At about 11.30 we gathered up the fireworks, sparklers, matches, camera, beer, champagne and everything else needed to have a proper New Year celebration and headed back down to the beach. Even for this group of hardened pyromaniacs, the stiff wind blowing in off the sea presented quite a challenge to lighting the fireworks, especially as none of us had remembered to bring our windproof lighters and had to make do with common-or-garden matches.

Some locals over to our left were setting off some much more spectacular rockets than we had and some guys further down the beach to our right had an impressive bonfire going but apart from that we were alone, I think I was expecting more people. Security Man™ drove down the beach towards us a few times but stopped well short of actually coming over to us.

After the fireworks came the champagne and the traditional New Year wishes. Also a bit of a tidy up as we had made quite a mess by then. Then there were 3 more Croyde traditions which we usually do when drunk at night on the beach but not usually in such cold and wet conditions. Namely, rolling down the dunes, spinning until you fall down and of course just plain falling down!

After the beach we headed back home for a few more drinks and some extreme N-tropy before heading to bed around 3am.

As we went to bed, Grace promised to wake us early for our promised New Years Day swim. Also, since she had to leave tomorrow, she wanted to get as much in to the day as possible. After all, she hadn’t even seen Croyde in the daylight yet!


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