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Scotland 2008, Days 1 & 2

Helen has gone to Scotland to film some cats doing stuff so when she got a few days off at the end of March, it seemed like a good time to head north of the border and get some walking and sight seeing done. Driving up the 320 miles from Nottingham wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might have been but I was several times distracted by the slightly lax attitude they seem to have with road signs up north.

Following arrival we naturally went to the pub to drink, eat, play pool, listen to dodgy music and watch the local Germans. John turned up later on on his bike for more drinking and yet more dodgy music (Helen subjected the locals to MC Hammer no less than 3 times that night, I’m surprised she is still alive!)

The holiday started in earnest the following day when we headed up to Callendar for some walking. We had borrowed an excellent guide book from a guy in the village and set out to walk along a ridge north of Callendar and down to a waterfall. Unfortunately, the guide had not been updated in almost 20 years and some awkward person had built on the start of the trail! We managed to hack our way on to it part way through though.

The walking was much more tiring than we had anticipated and when we were finished we headed back home to relax. The following day we were heading over to Edinburgh to do some sight seeing


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