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Scotland 2008 Day 4 – Edinburgh

We didn’t have much time on Sunday, breakfast at the guest house was served at 9 and I had to be on my way by 12 to make have any chance of getting home at a reasonable time. So after breakfast we packed the stuff back into the car and checked out. Then we wandered up the road a bit to the Royal Botanic Gardens. This was nice for a bit of a walk and a coffee but unfortunately, being winter and with the weather dithering between drizzle and full on rain, the only things worth looking at were in the tropical house.

After coffee and cake in the garden tea shop it was time yo head back to the car and John’s bike and go our separate ways. I’ll spare you the tale of my stupidly long journey home, the poor signs on the M6 and the stupidly roundabout route that I took via Derby to get back to Nottingham. Suffice to say it took me 2 hours longer to get home than it did to drive up and I had to stop off at Liz’s place for a cup of coffee and a sit down before I could face going home and unpacking!

And that is the end of 3 days of excitement in Scotland. I hope to do it again sometime soon although next time I might consider taking the train!


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