Liz’s Birthday 2008: Go Ape

We went with Liz to Go Ape at Sherwood Pines where she faced her fear of heights by climbing up into the treetops and running and swinging and jumping about like a loon and generally being less scared of the whole thing than I was. Pictures are not great I’m afraid as they were taken with my compact camera which is on it’s last legs now. Continue reading

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Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 3

After breakfast, including a disastrous first use of my new pans and stove resulting in some very interesting bacon, we packed up the tents and settled down to wait for Gillian’s husband to come and take her away so we could get on with the fun. After some discussion we decided that Sunday would be spent under ground. Continue reading

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Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 2

After a breakfast of bacon sandwiches we st off for the train from Hope to Edale, planning to walk the 9 miles or so back to Hope via Hollins Cross, Mam Tor, Cave Dale and Castleton. It was a lovely day and the hill were packed with walkers, cyclists, dogs, para gliders and hang gliders. And the odd dead sheep. Continue reading

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Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 1

Many years ago a number of us at work expressed a desire to do some walking and perhaps a bit of camping together. Finally we found a weekend when we would all be available and settled on a little camp site in Hope. Our intrepid band consisted of Sarah, Louiza and Gillian plus me and we were joined by Dave on Saturday night. Continue reading

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ROC Post Hunting

The great Royal Observation Corps post hunt of 2008 had been long talked about and oft postponed but eventually happened on Saturday the 4th of May. In fact just a few days before it had been cancelled due to the commitments of one of the group. I got a vague message on Friday night that it might be back on Continue reading