Photography, Travel, Walking

Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 1

Many years ago a number of us at work expressed a desire to do some walking and perhaps a bit of camping together. Finally we found a weekend when we would all be available and settled on a little camp site in Hope. Our intrepid band consisted of Sarah, Louiza and Gillian plus me and we were joined by Dave on Saturday night.

We set off after work on Friday and after a brief stop to collect tents, food etc were soon heading towards the Peak District. Despite a slight detour around Baslow Sarah and I managed to arrive and get the tent up before Louiza and Gillian arrived. Admittedly, we did leave an hour before they did!

Dinner on the first evening was provided by Sarah and Gillian who had done all the shopping. Unfortunately the means of cooking the food was supplied by Louiza in the form of a collection of defunct disposable barbeques. Fortunately I had my trusty penknife and Sarah’s amazing strikable fire lighters to bodge up a working barbeque!


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