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Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 2

After a breakfast of bacon sandwiches we st off for the train from Hope to Edale, planning to walk the 9 miles or so back to Hope via Hollins Cross, Mam Tor, Cave Dale and Castleton. It was a lovely day and the hill were packed with walkers, cyclists, dogs, para gliders and hang gliders. And the odd dead sheep.

After coming down Mam Tor (and just past the dead sheep) we found a nice spot to stop for lunch in a field of sheep. After lunch we made our way down Cave Dale under the watchful gaze of Peveril Castle and into Castleton. On the way down the stream bed that is Cave Dale, we found a random cave with a Danger of Death electricity sign and a very cold breeze blowing out of it.

After bumming around in Castleton for a bit and getting some drinks and ice cream, we started on the final leg, the wonderfully named “Footpath to Hope”.

Dave met us in Hope and after a brief tour of the available pubs we opted to retire to the campsite for fish and chips for dinner!

As requested Dave had brought some wine with him so a number of the following pictures were taken under the influence of alcohol, by Louiza so I claim no responsibility for them. Unless they are good of course.

After dinner and drinks, we all settled down for a peaceful night’s sleep broken only by the baaing of lambs, the wailing of a car alarm and the f@$k-off great searchlight on a pole in the middle of the campsite. Seriously, when you woke up it was hard to tell whether or not it was still night!


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