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Camping in Hope 09/05/08 – 11/05/08 day 3

After breakfast, including a disastrous first use of my new pans and stove resulting in some very interesting bacon, we packed up the tents and settled down to wait for Gillian’s husband to come and take her away so we could get on with the fun. After some discussion we decided that Sunday would be spent under ground.

We headed off to Speedwell Cavern where we had to wait for ages to get in (when we arrived the sign said closed but there was a good sized queue so like good English people we joined it and hoped for the best). After the novelty of going down never ending steps and packing into a boat, the cavern itself was pretty disappointing.

After Speedwell, we headed into Castleton for lunch and then headed off to visit Peak Cavern, more interestingly called The Devil’s Arse after the noise made by rushing water in the cave system during a flood. This is a more extensive cave than Speedwell and actually joins up with it. The cave is available to rent for parties at £700 per night!

After leaving the cave we were heading up to look at Peveril Castle when Dave, Louiza and Sarah were trapped by a tea shop so we all sat down for a cream tea. When we got to the castle we found that you had to pay to get in and since we had spent all our cash on 2 caves, lunch and a cream tea we decided to call it a day.


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