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South Africa 2008 – Day 10 Nature’s Valley to Addo

Krys and Neil are off early today to catch their bus back to Cape Town so we all got up early to see them off. Louise and Helen drove them to the bus, leaving Dave and I to deal with the washing, drying and tidying up. Was sad to see Krys and Neil go after spending so much time together over the last week. I have no idea when I will see either of them again. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 9 Otter Trail last day

Day 5 should be a nice, easy 6km back to the beach at Nature’s Valley where we had been strolling less than a week earlier. It felt like we had been gone for months and now it was almost over! We were all somewhat reluctant to leave (except Heike who set off early in order to get to civilisation in time to watch Germany get beaten in the European Cup final) so we spent a while monkeying about climbing on rocks and taking photos. The weather was lovely and clear and for the first time in a while I found myself having to use sunscreen. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 8 Otter Trail Day 4 with a scary river crossing

Day 4 is by far the hardest of the Otter Trail. It is the longest leg at 13.8km and has the hardest river crossing at Bloukrans River. Apparently several people die each year crossing this river. However, Helen says last time she crossed it it was just a gentle stroll through water no more than knee high. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 7 Otter Trail Day 3

By day 3, we had got our act together a bit and managed to be up and away by 9.45. Day 3 had several nice beaches and a couple of simple river crossings. The amount of driftwood washed up on the shores here is incredible, must have seen hundreds of tons of it on the various beaches and rocks. Some of the pieces were massive and a large number had been partially burnt. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 6 Otter Trail Day 2

We were woken after our first night in the Otter Trail huts by the cawing of a crow perched on our roof. When Krys went out to take a look we were all startled by the much louder noise of screeching baboons that had been hanging out on our porch and were startled by her opening the door. We spent a little while pursuing the baboons round the camp trying to get a good picture but I didn’t manage any. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 4 Chilling in Nature’s Valley

Got up early to go down to the beach for a swim. However the water was very cold so just went for a paddle and played Frisbee instead. The only plan for today really was to pick up everything we need to survive the walk. First we sat down and compared our equipment (ooh err!) and decided what we needed to take and what we could afford to leave behind. We also made a list of food we wanted to take and planned meals for the 5 days of the walk.

After lunch at a nice restaurant that was very nearly in the sea, we made several trips to the local supermarket. We kept leaving and then realising that there was more stuff to buy. Eventually we were reasonably sure that we had covered all of the possibilities and headed home to sort out what we had bought. Was slightly worrying to think that we were going to have to carry all of this on our backs!

Dave and Neil divided the food up into neat piles for each of us to take. We were still not sure at this point whether or not Louise was going to be joining us but made 6 piles of everything just in case.