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South Africa 2008 – Intro/Preparation

So here we are on the South Africa trip. This holiday has been in the planning stages for a couple of years now. I have been planning a return trip ever since I got back from my previous visit in 2004. This trip was originally going to take place in October 2007 but had to be postponed until June/July 2008 due to work pressures. All this meant that it was a little difficult to believe that we were actually on our way, we were actually going to do it.

The main purpose of making this trip is to complete the Otter Trail, a 5 day hike along the south coast of South Africa staying in huts along the way and carrying all our provisions and equipment with us. We had a couple of days in and around Cape Town before the walk and a week afterwards split between Nature’s ValleyAddo Elephant National Park and Stellenbosch/Cape Town. I hope that you enjoy the pictures and the stories that go along with them.

This will be a diary of the holiday as well as a collection of photographs so there may be some pages with no pictures on them.

Having spent so long planning the holiday, the event itself kind of crept up on me. I had spent a while thinking about what I needed to bring and had borrowed, bought or otherwise acquired a number of items. However, I still had to do a big shopping trip the weekend before our flight to pick up some minor things like a raincoat and a rucksack!

Here are some pictures of the massive piles of stuff and the amazing disappearing act they do when I pack them!


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