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South Africa 2008 – Day 1 flying to Cape Town

Arrived in cape town at about 8am, picked up the rental car and headed to the hotel. Got off to a good start by not being able to work out how to start the rental car

.  After trying various combinations of pressing buttons and pedals and turning keys, eventually had to get the lady from Europ car (yes I know we are not in Europe but I didn’t have the heart to tell them) to show us that you have to hold in the clutch while turning the key. Made the mistake of following the road signs on the way into Cape Town and got significantly lost. Fortunately we had several maps with us and managed to hack our way across town and found the hotel. Excellent combination of Helen’s driving, my navigation and Dave’s map!

Weather was a bit dodgy in cape town and we soon revised our plan to climb table mountain and decided to head over to the V&A waterfront instead. Got significantly lost trying to find it and walked through several of the less nice looking parts of town several times and not getting anywhere near! Did manage to see the castle, the metro station, a large market, the place where all the taxis live and a pie shop (all twice each).

Finally managed to locate the nice shiny part of the waterfront and had some lunch. Did some shopping and checked out where we were meeting the others for dinner later on. Headed back to the hotel for a rest and a change of clothes before heading back to the waterfront to meet Krys, Maple and Mandy for dinner.

We had been promised a nice refined evening of Italian food and live jazz.  However, after tempting us with the good food, the live music plan was replaced by a loud clubbing plan.  Fortunately the club, called Fiction and located in the centre of town, was small and friendly and not too loud.  Most importantly it had a balcony area where old fuddy duddies like me can sit and watch the world go by.  You can also watch the taxis, boy racers, tow trucks and police cars fight for dominance of the road.

From the club we got a taxi back to the hotel.  The driver got completely lost and we had to work out how to get there ourselves by landmarks.  Not bad for having been in the city less than 24 hours. Cheeky taxi driver wanted to charge us extra for all the driving round in circles
he did!  In the morning we realised that we could have walked home in about 15 minutes!


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