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South Africa 2008 – Day 2 Cape Point

The plan for day was to head over to Robben Island and to maybe see table mountain if the weather had cleared up. The clouds were still down over most of the mountain when we got up and the hotel staff assured us that the Robben Island tours were all booked up for at least a week. We booked ourselves onto a tour on the very last day of the holiday and decided to head down to Cape Point instead to see the southernmost land in Africa.

Our run of bad luck continued when we found that the road we had chosen to drive down to the point was closed! We had to head back towards Cape Town and take the other road down to the point. Once we were out of the clouds the scenery was quite spectacular. Cape Point itself sticks out into the sea where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans mix the sea is a wonderful blue colour with spectacular cliffs and some lovely sandy beaches.

Didn’t have much time to spend here as we had to drive over to our first stop at a backpackers called Karoo Soul in Oudtshoorn. We had agreed to take a scenic route through the mountains rather than along the boring motorway that runs closer to the coast. Unfortunately, as we had spent a while at Cape Point we did most of this trip in the dark so we could not see the mountains. We could however see the people wandering in the road and the people cycling with out lights on the wrong side of the road all of which made the trip much more interesting.

Backpackers was pretty interesting too. The building we stayed in seemed to be made out of all kinds of different materials including wood, rocks, bricks and glass. It had the strangest bathroom I have seen in a while and none of he window coverings seemed to work properly.

We were all so tired by the day that we went to bed without going for dinner.


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