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South Africa 2008 – Day 3 Swartberg Pass, Prince Albert, Nature’s Valley!

Plan for today is to head up Swartberg pass to Prince Albert to take a look at the scenery. Part way up the pass, the paved road gives way to quite steep gravel which was interesting to drive on in our rented saloon. The scenery was well worth it. Prince Albert itself was a bit of a disappointment but was a nice enough little town.

On the advice of the lady who ran the cafe where we had breakfast, we headed off to check out a waterfall on the way back to Oudtshoorn. Had lunch back at Oudtshoorn and then headed over to Nature’s Valley.

Stopped at Knysna to pick up some food for the next couple of days and broke the shop. All the lights went out and everyone had to leave. Tried a different shop and managed not to break this one. The only thing left is to drive to Storms River to pick up Krys and Neil who have been dropped off by their bus. We actually didn’t have to go quite as far as Storms as they were waiting for us at the bungee jumping centre on Bloukrans bridge, just the wrong side of a toll gate! We had been talking about jumping off this bridge for a long time before the holiday and had agreed that Dave should do it while the rest of us watched. It was dark by the time we got there today, maybe later on in the holiday.

Finally made it to Helen’s place at Nature’s Valley. Too dark to look around outside but the inside is very nice, a large living area with 2 balcony areas with beds and a separate master bedroom with ensuite. Outside there is a large decked area and a fireplace for cooking. Dinner tonight will be cooked over the fire that has been prepared by Krys and Neil.


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