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South Africa 2008 – Day 10 Nature’s Valley to Addo

Krys and Neil are off early today to catch their bus back to Cape Town so we all got up early to see them off. Louise and Helen drove them to the bus, leaving Dave and I to deal with the washing, drying and tidying up. Was sad to see Krys and Neil go after spending so much time together over the last week. I have no idea when I will see either of them again.

The plan for today is to drive over to the Aardvark Backpackers near Addo Park. Left Nature’s Valley about 1.30 with Helen and Dave leading in our car and Louise and I chasing in hers. Lou did very well to drive all that way with nothing to listen to except my MP3 collection! Got to the backpackers around 6 and had a tour with the lovely couple who run the place. Had great plans to cook a big dinner on the BBQ and watch some TV while but once we had settled down on the sofas, all we wanted to do was sleep so we put out the fire and saved the food for another day.

The rondavels that we had rented were excellent. Each had a double bed, shower and bathroom. They had a traditional thatched roof and a distinctly unauthodox lamp over the bed. The cheerful elephant that I had in my room looks somewhat sinister when I wound up the f-stop.

Dave had made friends with an Afrikaner earlier who had given us some meat from wildebeest which he had shot and which was absolutely delicious.


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