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South Africa 2008 – Day 12 800km drive back to Cape Town

Today we have 800km to cover from Addo to Stellenbosch so we got up early and headed into Port Elizabeth to drop off Louise’s hire car. Then we all piled into our rental and began the journey. Helen drove the first 300km back past Nature’s Valley to where we stopped for breakfast (at about 11.30!). There were also shops here and by the time the girls had finished shopping it was gone 1 and my turn to be driving.

Just the one picture today to prove that we got Louise and all her stuff in our car with us.

I took the next two hundred and something km and got to have some fun overtaking much slower vehicles on the motorways. Many of the motorways seem to be only one lane in each direction but often the slower vehicles will move over onto the hard shoulder to get out of your way. However they will often do this where it is either not safe to overtake or not safe for them to do so so you have to be careful. I managed to get us to our next stop in one piece and after a bite to eat, Dave took over for his now traditional dusk shift.

The rest of the drive was as uneventful as the rest except for Dave getting flashed by a speed camera while travelling through Stellenbosch. I’m waiting for the rental company to charge me extra for that!

The apartment in Stellenbosch is pretty basic but with plenty of room for the 4 of us. We checked in and dumped our baggage before going out for dinner. The restaurant closed as soon as we finished eating so we had to go out in search of booze. Managed to find a dodgy looking bar which appeared to be quite full of Americans. Played some pool and a bit of table football before the inevitable dancing. Dave got accosted on the dance floor by a South African who he couldn’t decide whether he was being aggressive or friendly. We ran into him later on and he was definitely being friendly in his own way.

I decided to call it a night and get some sleep before the wine tasting tomorrow.


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