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South Africa 2008 – Day 13 Wine “tasting”

Wine tasting tour today. Got picked up in front of our apartment by a bloke called Stefan with a bus full of Germans and Americans. He drove us at breakneck speed round a number of local wine estates alternately teaching us about wine and wine tasting, encouraging us to get drunk and encouraging us to kick people in their private parts.

The first estate was called Fairview. They seemed to also keep goats. We liked this one the best as they let you choose which wines you tasted and they had cheese! At the second the wines were chosen for us which was kind of nice because we got to try things we wouldn’t usually choose including some champagne. By now the German girl was getting quite drunk and providing amusement for the rest of us. I can’t remember what the second estate was called, anyone help me out?

Estate 3 was Beyerskloof and here we went back to choosing your own wines and they also had some salami to taste with it. We had dinner here which was enormous and full of meat as to be expected. Unfortunately I ate so much food that there was very little room for more wine in the afternoon. It was raining really hard after lunch which made the driving really interesting.

Only one more estate to visit after lunch. The Spier estate has a cheetah reserve attached. So we spent more time looking at the animals than drinking wine.

Finally we all piled back into the bus and headed back to the bar that doubles as reception for our backpacking apartment for a farewell drink.

Rest of the afternoon was spent trying to recover from the shock of getting up early after a late boozy night and going out to get pissed. Ended up going to see Hancock at the local cinema and then going out to look for takeaway coffee and food. The only place we could find that was open was Steers which had run out both of food and coffee!

Helen and Lou decided to return to the cinema to see Sex and the City while Dave and I revelled in South African TV back in the apartment.


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