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South Africa 2008 – Day 14 Home time!

Lou left us properly this morning, getting up early to take a taxi to Cape Town airport. Dave, Helen and I are booked on the Robben Island ferry at 11 this morning. So we drove to the now very familiar V&A Waterfront and went to the terminal to check that they were still running (the weather had been very bad on the way over, raining so hard that it was difficult to see where we were going). Everything seemed to be in order so we headed off for a quick breakfast and made it back to the terminal just before 11. We were surprised by the lack of queues and then by the lack of boat! While we were wondering whether we had missed it there was an announcement reminding us that all trips had been cancelled today due to the weather. We disputed the use of the word “remind” as when we had been there half and hour earlier there had been no mention of any cancellations. We eventually found a notice (no it wasn’t in the basement, in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying beware of the leopard) stuck on the window, a tiny A4 note on about an acre of glass.

Anyway, we went through the obligatory rigmarole of getting our money back for the tickets which involved approximately equal portions of being ignored by the girls behind the glass, filling out forms, waiting for the girls behind the glass while they tried to make their stapler work, waiting for managers to arrive so that they could actually hand over the cash and being ignored by the girls behind the glass.

So, instead of the hundreds of thought provoking pictures I intended to take on the island (and not a few of the penguins either), I bring you the following exciting snaps of the V&A Waterfront on a drizzly day.

There was nothing for it but to head back into the V&A mall for a shopping extravaganza. Followed by yet another trip to the cinema, this time to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was hilarious more times than it was cringe worthy and so very enjoyable.

List of films watched on this holiday:
Sweeny Todd
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Be Kind Rewind
Son of Rambow

After that there was just time to get a coffee before heading back to the airport to drop off the car and get on our plane.

Ran into Heike at the airport who amazingly is on our plane. This is fortuitous as she still owes us money for the Otter Trail.

All that remains now is to fly home and then go and watch Dave play with his brass band in St James’ Park.


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