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Liz and Richard combined stag and hen do

Liz’s official hen do was combined with Richard’s stag do and held the weekend before the surprise one. We got up ridiculously early to drive up to the adrenalin jungle paintball centre near Sherwood Forest. After dressing the stag and hen appropriately, we proceeded to the interminable wait to get our equipment, safety briefing etc. Finally we were ready to go.

In the morning our large group was combined with a couple of others to play some big games.  Unfortunately a bunch of the others were idiots and weren’t obeying the safety guidelines.  Fortunately they were told to leave the site after the second game.  In the afternoon we were in a smaller group with a few others and the last games were on our own.

We had great fun dressing Liz and Richard up in silly (and easy to see) clothing before we started.  Everyone had a great time and most of us had some impressive bruises to show off in the following week.


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