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Liz’s Surprise Hen Do

Due to concerns that nothing was being organised for Liz’s Hen do, some of us decided to organise a surprise one that would be in London and held under the guise of a weekend visiting Helen. As it turned out, this was the weekend after the official hen and stag do which a number of us had also attended. It was still a fun weekend and Liz was continually surprised all the way through the day.

We started out all meeting at the cafe on the top floor of the Tate Modern. From there we went for a picnic and then back into the gallery to look at some of the art. Suddenly we realised that we needed to be on the other side of the river for the show we had booked. This was much further than we had thought and so we had to run halfway across london to make it. Of course we had not told Liz where we were going so she was running like mad across london for no apparent reason!

After Avenue Q (the show that tells you what the internet is for), we went to a pub where we arranged for lance to join us, another surprise for Liz.

Then we all trooped back to the Southbank for dinner.  At dinner we presented Liz with a scrap book in which we had all put pictures of some of our fond memories of her which made her laugh a lot.

After dinner we went to play with the strange light installation outside.

After that we were thinking of heading home when we discovered a free show outside by the river and watched a circus group called Chippolatas performing outside the National Theatre. We then retired inside the theatre for drinks.

All in all a very enjoyable day and, for some of us quite surprising!


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