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Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2008

After the fun of last year, we decided to get a larger group together to do Cropredy this year. As usual the acts were excellent and very entertaining. This year however it decided to rain quite a lot which meant we spent a lot of time sitting around in a field of mud in rain coats. Continue reading

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Liz and Richard’s Wedding

Liz and Richard were married in Liz’s local church by her father, the local vicar.  After the lovely ceremony, we all walked just down the road to have the reception in the pub where Liz used to work as a barmaid.  The pub put on an excellent reception with a whole roast pig out the back and plenty of other food and drink. Later we found our way out of the marquee into the playground and picnic area at the back of the pub for some fooling around and dancing.

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