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Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2008

After the fun of last year, we decided to get a larger group together to do Cropredy this year. As usual the acts were excellent and very entertaining. This year however it decided to rain quite a lot which meant we spent a lot of time sitting around in a field of mud in rain coats.

Day 1 – Thursday 07/08/2008

We started off by mending the deck chairs that we were going to be spending most of the weekend sitting on. Helen proved herself very handy with the hammer. Then we queued for our tickets and then again for the stewards to open the gates. Eventually we were in. Only a couple of hours to wait until the music started!

Day 2 – Friday 08/08/2008

Started with the Family Mahone who are fronted by Radio 2 DJ Mark Radcliffe and who only ever play drinking songs.

Later on were the 3 Daft Monkeys who play fast paced folk music with frantic violins and much leaping, dancing and twirling. One of the high points of the festival for me.

I have no idea what the sign in these pictures is all about but they were apparently selling it off for charity.

These girls are the BBC young folk musician of the year winners, Siobhan Miller and Jeana Leslie. Not sure which is which I’m afraid. This is also the start of my obsession with photographing the photographers.

Next we set up for Stackridge. An opportunity for me to get pictures of my brother’s friend John Gale working setting up the sound.

Day 3 – Saturday 09/08/2008

The third day was very wet and muddy. I spent quite a bit of it in the boat as there were a few acts on that I was not interested enough in to spend time in the wind and rain. The day began with Richard Digance who was excellent as ever. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do a lot of singing, preferring to tell anecdotes and sing a bit. Would love to hear some of his old songs at Cropredy.

The rest of the bands were not that interesting to me so it was just a case of keeping as warm and dry as possible while waiting for Fairport to come on.

After the acts had finished we went back to the boat for a bit of fire but it was pretty hard on the towpath and we gave up after a while and after dropping the staffs into the canal a few times!

Day 4

The morning after!

All that remained was to have a good breakfast, pack up, get the boat turned around and get the cars and bikes out of the sea of mud that had become the camping field. John’s bike is not built for mud and he required some assistance to get out of the field. Fortunately my car was parked in a better spot outside the field and just needed careful manoeuvring between the other cars parked very close.



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